[B/D] for Linux

This beta version of [B/D] for linux is available in binary form only to run under linux on a PC. If you have more than a simple hardware question, I probably don't know the answer.

This version, which is freely available to the academic community, is limited to the construction of beliefs over 500 random quantities, and to the adjustment of up to 250 random quantities by up to 250 others. Informally, by adjustment we mean the complete process of belief analysis and revision implied by the Bayes linear methodology. This program runs merrily (without noticeable disk swapping) on a PC with 32Mb RAM. If you need a smaller version, please ask.

This is currently available as a test version only, and no support is available for it. Excepting unimplemented modules (see the readme file after unzipping/untarring the distribution), the linux version should provide the same functionality and results as other versions. Only the binary executable and other relevant files are included in thius distribution. If you need the documentation, this is available at [B/D] documentation. The linux version has been compiled with GNU PASCAL version 2.6.3, for which I am very grateful to the team behind the GNU PASCAL project. One day I will be brave enough to install and use a later version of GNU PASCAL.

Download the file to your PC, put it in an appropriately named directory, gunzip it and untar it. One of the resulting files, is called readme.doc, which contains general information about downloading and extracting the software, and copyright statements. You must read and follow the instructions in this file. A second file README.LINUX should also be read.

Various other versions of the package are available. Upgrades will be made available periodically. Refer to Upgrade notes and bugs reported for details.