Bayes Linear Statistics: Theory and Methods

written by Michael Goldstein and David Wooff, published April 2007 by John Wiley & Sons Ltd., Chichester. ISBN 978-0-470-01562-9. 508pp. You can buy a copy directly from Wiley, or from Amazon UK or Amazon US, or any good bookshop of course.

Bayesian methods combine information available from data with any prior information available from expert knowledge. The Bayes linear approach follows this path, offering a quantitative structure for expressing beliefs, and systematic methods for adjusting these beliefs, given observational data. The methodology differs from the full Bayesian methodology in that it establishes simpler approaches to belief specification and analysis based around expectation judgements. Bayes Linear Statistics presents an authoritative account of this approach, explaining the foundations, theory, methodology, and practicalities of this important field. The text provides a thorough coverage of Bayes linear analysis, from the development of the basic language to the collection of algebraic results needed for efficient implementation, with detailed practical examples.

The book covers:

Bayes Linear Statistics is essential reading for all statisticians concerned with the theory and practice of Bayesian methods.


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