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London Mathematical Society Durham Symposium
New Directions in the Model Theory of Fields
Monday 20th July - Thursday 30th July 2009


The topic of the symposium is model theory, a branch of mathematical logic dealing with mathematical structures (models) from the point of view of first-order logical definability.

The first theme of the symposium concerns various number theoretic and algebraic geometric conjectures that have arisen out of model theoretic work over the past ten years or so.

In our second theme we plan to explore the relations and try to bridge some gaps between the formalisms of model theory and of category theory, both of which present distinct abstract approaches to the objects of mathematics. Among the aims would be to foster and improve communication with algebraists and geometers for whom category theory is the standard foundation, as well as exploring how the powerful techniques and points of view of the two formalisms can influence each other.

Our third, and final theme, motivic integration, is related in various ways, to each of the first two. It concerns the developments that have stemmed the theories of integration in arbitrary valued fields of residue characteristic zero.

Organising Committee:
Dugald Macpherson (Leeds), Anand Pillay (Leeds), Mike Prest (Manchester) and Alex Wilkie (Manchester, Chair)